Magic is great fun for family audiences!

Our family magic show entertains the whole family and we can present our shows in a number of formats to fit any venue or event.

Family get togethers can be a little bit boring for little kids. (And grown-ups too!) Why not add some fun and excitement that the whole family can enjoy?

From small backyard birthday parties to big anniversary parties, bar mitzvahs, company picnics and family reunions, our magic shows will brings loads of fun, laughter and amazement.

Our magic can be performed in close-up style, with the magician mingling with the audience and presenting miracles up-close or we can do a stand-up show Ö or both!

Now you see it Ö now you donít! Donít delay! Our calendar books up fast!

Call 877-688-3133 before your date disappears!
Magic! Fun For the Whole Family!