Planning a party for adults and looking to add some fun? Magic is one the best forms of party entertainment for adults. Our shows are available in a number of formats.

Walk-Around Magic. The magician will mingle with your guests and amaze them close-up magic. We’ll perform miracles … right before your eyes. You’ll be amazed too when you see the reaction our magic gets. Our close-up magicians will impress even the most sophisticated audiences with dazzling displays of sleight-of-hand, mind reading and fun illusions.

Stand-Up Magic. Part magician, part stand-up comedian. Magic-comedy is surefire fun. Our stand-up magic show combines the best of two worlds. Unlike many regular stand-up comedians, our magic-comedians never use offensive language. Plus, we use lots of audience participation. We can get the guest of honor into the act!

Stage Shows. Looking to entertain a really big group? Our stage illusionists can bring Vegas quality shows to your event. Want to saw the boss in half ... or make the guest of honor magically appear, vanish or levitate? We’ll make it happen!
Children's Magic Shows

Family Magic Shows