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New York Party Magician
Magical and Fun Entertainment for Children's Parties on Long Island.

Are you planning a birthday party in Long Island and looking for the best kidís party entertainer for your event? If youíre hosting your childís birthday party at home, in a restaurant or at a party place you know you need to something fun that will capture their imagination and hold their attention. Sure, you could hire a birthday party clown - but keep in mind that very young children can be frightened by clowns and older kids may find them to be too "babyish". You could hire birthday party characters ( like Dora the Explorer, Elmo, Spiderman, Mickey Mouse etc.) but you're sure to be let down. Why? After the costumed-character makes his appearance the novelty wears off fast. Plus, most of the costumed characters available for rental on Long Island are knockoffs. Local party entertainment companies donít have a licensing rights so the costumes they use are pathetic look-alikes. How about renting a bouncy castle? Sure ... they can be fun, but they can also be dangerous. Broken bones and bruises are not uncommon so if you rent an inflatable ride, make sure your home owner's insurance is paid up! Forget clowns, characters and expensive, dangerous rides. All you need is magic!

What do you get when you combine wacky juggling, creative balloon sculptures, a live bunny rabbit, improv-comedy, audience participation and jaw dropping miracles of magic? You get the Hijinx Magic Show by Brian McGovern! Itís the perfect way to entertain kids that will keep them happy and calm so you can have a stress-free birthday parties thatís lots of fun but without all the craziness!
A house full of kids can be trouble unless you have a skilled childrenís entertainer who can capture their imagination and get them involved in a magical experience that will astound them. Parents love my magic show because I am able to keep a party of kids happily entertained instead of running around the house or restaurant. Plus, I make the birthday child the star of my show!

Magic Ö Juggling Ö Balloons ... Live Bunny!

I customize my magic show for your party. I choose different material based upon the size of the party, venue and the ages of the guests. For example when I perform magic for very young kids I do lots of goofy magic thatís easy for them to relate to. I use lots of slapstick, visual humor and plenty of audience participation. Using audience volunteers really engages the kids so that they become part of the magic. If Iím doing a birthday party show, the birthday boy or birthday girl gets to be the magicianís assistant. My magic show all about making the birthday child feel special.

For older kids I always make sure to include lots of cool magic. There are a lot of so-called magicians who can only do cheesy magic tricks Ė meanwhile my magic show features magical effects that rely on the art of sleight-of-hand. My tricks will not only amaze the kids but will totally baffle the grown-ups as well. In fact, if you read one of the many reviews I have posted on my Facebook page youíll see that the parents really enjoy my show too. Lots of magicians on Long Island can only entertain kids but I do a family show. Besides kid's parties I perform at comedy clubs all over New York City - so I know how to entertain adults, college kids, and teens as well as children. Thatís what makes the show lots of fun for family events.

Kid's magicianIf youíre planning a big 1st birthday party, christening, bar mitzvah, communion, family reunion or anniversary party where youíre going to have kids of all different ages, my show is a perfect fit. My birthday party magic show usually runs for an hour. I start off the show with visual and incredible magic that will have the children laughing with amazement. Then, I mix in some variety arts like juggling and puppetry along with other surprises to keep the kids completely absorbed in the show. I finish up by doing a really funny trick with my adorable live bunny rabbit and then I make balloon animals for all the kids. If you want,  I can make the show longer or shorter, do more balloons or less and pretty much customize the entire act. If youíre having a theme party like a Harry Potter Wizard theme party I can customize my magic tricks to add to the fun.

Long Island Party Dates Are Selling Out Fast!

Remember, I can only perform at a handful of parties each week. My calendar fills up fast - Iím booked as much as a year in advance Ė so if youíre planning a party this month or later this week Ė please check your date right away.

Click here to check my availability or call me anytime at 646-435-4088 before you miss out.

My magic show travels all over Long Island - all of Nassau County and Suffolk County - plus I perform in New York City and the tri-state region.  Booking a great show for your child's party is as easy as picking up the phone. Let me help you make your child's party fun and memorable!

What People Are Saying About The Show

Here are real reviews of my magic show. You can read more on my Facebook fan page ... but for you folks who refuse to get on FB, here are some highlights:

"You were truly a class act with the best magic and humor in town. You were great with the kids and know how to make them feel special and be truly "amazed" by your magic! The adults were equally entertained. The best performer I have ever used or seen by far!!! Thank you so much!!!"

"Brian- thank you so much for making my son's party so much fun. You were a big hit! We were so happy with your performance. You were funny, fun and kept all the kids engaged! You were a pleasure to work with- you were friendly and reliabile. Thanks again for everything. We would definitely recommend you."

"We loved having you perform and entertain everyone of every age at our son's communion this past Saturday. From the moment my wife booked you, you were the epitomy of professionalism in confirming all the info for the reservation, to calling ahead to confirm, to showing up a little early to make everything go perfectly! The show was great, everyone loved it and I'm sure you'll be getting some calls from it, and you deserve it! Thanks again!!!!!!!!"

"Brian has absolutely got the "wow" factor with kids and adults! Imagine Grandma cracking up! He is by far the most entertaining, captivating, and FUNNIEST magician I've ever seen! My sis-in-law is going to use him for her daughter's communion and I am thinking of Brian in the next kids' event at our school...Thanks so much Brian!"

"Brian is fantastic -- he had the kids mesmerized and the adults laughing at my daughter's 8th birthday party, which had 20 kids ranging in age from 2 to 9. My kids still talk about him! I can't recommend him more highly and will definitely use him again."

"Not only were they great tricks, they were funny, interactive and entertaining for both the kids and parents. We actually had a crowd of kids and parents from the park by the end of the show. Thanks Brian!"

"We hired Brian for our 5 year old's birthday. My son Jake, who is as shy is can be, was having a blast performing the magic tricks with Brian. There was non-stop laughter from the adults as well as the kids and everyone wanted to know where we found this great magician. One of the kids' grandfather went out to get the father telling him "you gotta see this guy, he's hilarious"

"All of the parents asked me where I found you and told me that this was one of the best kids party they have ever attended. (I am not exaggerating) I had such a great experience with my family and friends! Thanks you Brian!"

Read all my reviews on my Facebook page and see why I'm the busiest magician in New York! Then call me before the show sells out.

Long Island Magician Brian McGovern Makes Your Child's Party Fun!
Hi, Iím Brian McGovern and I amaze kids at parties all over Long Island. My magic show combines magic, stand-up comedy, sleight-of-hand, illusions, juggling, audience interaction, balloon sculptures and it even features a live bunny rabbit!

If you want to give your child an amazing birthday party, check out my video, read my reviews and 
check your date by clicking here.

My weekends sell-out - so donít let your child miss out on the best magic show for kids on Long Island. Call me now at 646-435-4088 - before you lose your spot!

Just leave a message anytime and Iíll call you right back - or fill out this handy-dandy contact form and Iíll get in touch Ö just like magic!