Before you send in the clowns, give us a call!

Sure, clowning is a theater art that dates back centuries (I read that on Wikipedia) but not all clowns are the same.
Some are funny, cute and great entertainers.

Others have scurvy.

Our clowns are government inspected, hosed down monthly and contain only trace amounts of lead, mercury and bits of cheese!

Why not buy a spare clown from Hijinx?
Clowns fold down small, can go days without water and they make great organ donors ...ask your doctor if clown organs are right for you ...

OK, I kid, I kid! Call us, we got the funny-funny clowns.

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Clowns Are Not For Human Consumption.
The most common side effects include side-splitting laughter.If you experience laughter lasting more than four hours, watch a Whoopi Goldberg.monologue. I'd rather watch Carrot Top and Gallagher take turns reading the Congressional Budget Office Monthly Budget Review.
You still here? Look, we do book clowns ... they're very funny. Trust me.
Funny we got! Call 877-688-3133 NOW.
"Amazing Entertainment!"
Our Clowns  Are
Now 100% Scurvy Free!